Right about this time 5 years ago, I was just about to embark on an 8 week snowboarding sabbatical. I had my lift tickets all figured out, gear ready, and I was psyched. By the end of the first week, I realized I hadn’t thoroughly thought through one huge piece of my adventures: nutrition. All […]

I’ve finally hit the point with gear that all my stuff is totally figured out. I know what backpack to use and which pair of snow pants I love. Even the gloves, snowshoes, jackets, and more are all dialed in. But you know where I’m still lacking? Gear for my favorite canines. Now, for anyone who’s seen Yuri and Kina’s […]

Apparently I’ve spent my entire life driving straight past one of the best hikes and views around. No, really. Right off of 302 in Twin Mountain/Bethlehem is a seriously fantastic hike and I’m bummed we didn’t check it out sooner. To make myself feel better about not checking it out sooner, I’m going to make […]

I’m going to sound like a wimp for admitting this, but anything that’s on the Terrifying 25 list always inadvertently gets put on the backburner. I mean it’s on the list for a reason, right? Given that I’m naturally clumsy and prone to disaster, I get to be over cautious. Alright, I’m making excuses. A […]

I know everyone loves the 4000 footers of New Hampshire, but I’m seriously falling in love with the little hikes of New England. We truly haven’t had a bad one yet and I’m kind of shocked it’s taken me this long to get around to some of these mountains. I mean, really – how does […]

If it seems like things are super quiet around here, it’s because “real life” has been nuts. Back in July I returned to college (mix of programming, web development, and research). I also started doing CrossFit and there’s been a ton of housework to do. Ah! It’s also just been incredibly hot this summer, so […]