Yuri and Kina are #Wild4Backcountry

For all the dog parents out there, I’m sure you can understand when I say that no two dogs are alike. My older boy, Yuri – a Siberian Husky, is a southern charmer who enjoys fluffy snow, soft grass, long hikes through the woods, ice cubes, and people food (french fries and pizza crust most of all). Kina, my troublesome two year old Alaskan Malamute, prefers chaos, inedible items (drywall, beetles, toys), and all the attention. Getting the two of them on the same page about anything – toys, what way we’re walking, whose dinner is whose – is a crazy challenge!

So, a few months ago when Merrick Pet Care reached out to Yuri, Kina, and I to ask if we’d be interested in being part of their new Wild4Backcountry ambassador program I was excited but a bit nervous. Would Yuri and Kina like the food? Would it fit their diet and activity level? How does one even do a dog food review?

And then the boxes of Merrick Backcountry showed up. Without even opening them, Yuri was already intrigued by the mysterious scents emanating from the box. Kina appeared convinced that if the box tasted this good, the contents had to be even better. Sure enough, the contents were fantastic. Both pups quickly took a love to everything Merrick hooked us up with – dry and wet dog food alike.

Ah, the look of a satisfied Kina. Great Plains Red Recipe was a success!

Ah, the look of a satisfied Kina. Great Plains Red Recipe and Hearty Beef Stew were a hit!


I’m going to have to give Merrick some huge unbiased kudos here. My once slow and picky eater (Yuri) is finally finishing dinner every night. Just showing him the food is enough for him to go flying to his food bowl. We even had to swap him to a slow feed bowl because he is that excited.  Always hungry Kina is actually laying off the bark, dirt, beetles, and grass since we started Merrick Backcountry. I think she might actually be experiencing the sensation of a satisfied appetite.

And what am I (proud dog mama) most impressed with? The ingredients. Not all dog food is created equal and my picky pups have made me somewhat of an expert when it comes to sifting through good and bad stuff. The ingredients in Merrick Backcountry are high in protein, grain free, and contain absolutely nothing artificial. We’ve only been feeding Merrick for a little while now, but the changes are already clear. Yuri and Kina have way better attitudes, more sustained energy levels, and much healthier appetites. I’d call that a huge success.

Yuri is pretty sure this could pass as people food. Those are freeze dried chunks of deliciousness - and he isn't sharing!

Yuri is pretty sure this could pass as people food. Those are freeze dried chunks of deliciousness – and he isn’t sharing!

Disclosure: We were provided product and compensation by Merrick Pet Care for this review, but as always we wouldn’t endorse, support, or write about anything we don’t love. All opinions are honest, unbiased, and ours alone.

3 thoughts on “Yuri and Kina are #Wild4Backcountry

  1. That’s great that Kina is laying off the house and yard eating now. I hear that a dog is probably missing some key nutrients if they are eating things like grass, dirt, and bugs. It sounds like this food might be giving her more of the stuff she needs.

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