Review: Nite Ize Dog Gear

Back a few months ago, Rob and I found ourselves standing in the middle of the Nite Ize booth at the SIA Show. To say it was a tad bit overwhelming would be an understatement. Nite Ize seemed to have literally taken every single “Wouldn’t a thing that does this and that be nice” idea and made it a reality. And they were all displayed at once in an astounding wall of shiny metals, bright colors, and sweet designs.

However, among the Doohickey’s, S-Biners, and countless other gadgets – our attention was totally distracted by a colorful array of products made just for our pups. So over the past few months, Yuri and Kina have been helping me test out a mountain of items from the absolutely wonderful folks at Nite Ize. We’ve put it all through rigorous abusive testing, and I’ll cut to the good stuff – we’re totally impressed. Huskies and malamutes are incredibly hard on everything (including walls and everything else in our home), but more than 2 months in – everything Nite Ize sent us is still going strong.

Want to know what made our favorites list?

Yuri rocking the orange SpotLit LED.

Yuri rocking the orange SpotLit LED.

Our absolute favorite piece of gear is by far the SpotLit LED Carabiner Light. This is far from our first LED light for the pups, but will absolutely be the last thanks to the solid design and great visibility. It’s small enough that the pups barely notice it’s on their collar, but it’s easily visible from close to 100′ away. Also shocking? The SpotLits have been subjected to snow, water, mud, rough play, and the everyday wear and tear of two big furry dogs – and they’re still just as bright, eye catching, and functional as the day I took it out of them out of their packages. I wish more dog gear was designed to be half as rugged as this!

A close runner up for favorite gear is clearly the Nite Dawg LED light up collar. Some situations just require that Yuri and Kina be super visible from all directions (for example – night walks on our busy, but very dark street). This collar uses an awesome light transmitting polymer core that shines a bright red light all the way around their fluffy necks. Yuri seems to approve and has now added it to his gear list of “Mom is taking out the ________. We must be going on an adventure!”

Nite Dawg LED Soft Disc

Nite Dawg LED Soft Disc

Now, you’d think that with dogs who enjoy chewing on icicles and sticks that they wouldn’t be picky when it comes to toys – but these two are incredibly choosy. However, they’ve taken a strong liking to their Nite Dawg LED Soft Disc and love their Meteorlight K-9 LED Ball (pictured at very top). We’ve tested both in the dark with a lot of success, and I think they will be the new backpack toys of preference this summer due to their durability, size, and ease of use at all hours of the day. Nite Ize was also kind enough to send us a FlashFlight Dog Discuit (light up frisbee with alternating colors) – but the humans have claimed it as their own. Hey – we get toys too! I see some great ultimate frisbee games coming our way!

Be sure to check out the Nite Ize website to check out their countless other sweet gadgets. Rob and I are still putting all the people gadgets through the rounds, so this won’t be the last you’ll hear of Nite Ize.

Disclaimer: I was provided this gear by Nite Ize for testing and review, but as always – opinions are all my own!

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