Colorado Honeymoon: Part 1 Recap!

I was noticing recently that I have this tendency to not want to write about my outdoor experiences unless they’re epic. Like truly envy worthy, “woah” inducing, and undoubtedly epic. These are the “I just climbed the most gnarly 5.12 ever” and the “I was this close to ending up in a crevasse” stories. But here’s the basic fact: My life isn’t that epic. And that’s alright. But I should be sharing my everyday experiences such as hiking up a local mountain to snowboard down or taking both pups on a backyard snowshoeing adventure. These are the things everyone can relate to, and that’s important.

With that being said, I’ve spent the past month trying to figure out how to write about my Colorado snowboarding honeymoon (that I’m currently on). Several of my friends live here, so it feels absolutely bizarre to be calling their usual weekend adventures epic – but for me, this is out of the norm… and it is awesome. So here’s recap, part 1.

Day 1: Flying, flying, and more flying.

I have to admit I’m totally and utterly thankful Rob and I managed to score an awesome Southwest deal to Denver that was not only affordable, but perfectly timed. No matter how many times we travel, we’ll never get accustom to insanely early mornings. So needless to say, our 1pm flight was perfect. After a brief layover in Chicago, we landed in Denver early enough to grab groceries and dinner before heading further west. After an interesting drive full of snow, wishing we could see the mountains, and “Can we really go see buffalo and big horn sheep while in CO!?!”, we finally made it to our condo in Dillon.

Day 2: Loveland

Knowing that we’d be totally out of our element between time changes and altitude, we decided on a half day at Loveland in Georgetown, CO on Monday afternoon. It came highly recommended from a lot of people, so we knew we had to check it out. Not to sound corny or cliche, but we’re totally in love with Loveland. The terrain was insanely diverse, the snow was wonderful, and the elements didn’t disappoint (high wind and dumping snow). We didn’t want to leave. Oh, and the chicken tenders were pretty good. 😉

Loveland Pass

Day 3: Exploring

No trip is complete without a day to just drive around and see where you are. So, we logically decided to start as high as we could go with a drive across Loveland Pass. This drive is definitely not for those scared of heights, but it’s so worth the time. The views are incredible and we certainly timed it well. It’s not the best road to be driving in inclement weather (which we’re now getting). At the top, we checked out (but didn’t snowboard) a popular backcountry snowboarding run (literally right on the Continental Divide). The wind was insane and so were the temps. We also got to see Keystone and Arapahoe Basin. Then we decided to continue driving and check out Breckenridge. I think I’d need an entire winter out here to visit everything I want to see.

Rob at Loveland Pass

Day 4: Copper Mountain

When we first started planning, it seemed everyone was divided on which ski areas we should visit. We heard a lot of “Loveland and Arapahoe Basin” and then “Copper Mountain and Keystone”. Knowing that it would likely be similar to the ski area debate back home (Wildcat versus Loon), we weren’t surprised but do favor more classic rugged and diverse terrain. Regardless, we decided to visit Copper. After finding our way off the groomed trails, we found ourselves in one of the summit bowls. I’m surprised we ever left. It was exactly what we were hoping to find at Copper, and we did!

Copper Jillian

And the rest?

The rest of our honeymoon is looking to be pretty awesome. It’s currently dumping snow with total accumulation by Friday reaching up towards 2 FEET. Yes, I said FEET. We’re planning on hitting up Loveland tomorrow and Sunday, and maybe some Arapahoe Basin in there somewhere. I’m also insanely excited to be heading to the SIA Show on Friday to check out all sorts of new winter gear followed by the on-snow demo day at Copper on Monday. It should all be a great time!

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