Yesterday at work we got asked to name three people in our lives we were thankful for and publicly thank them however we want. That of course led to us jumping on to using the hashtag #ThankItForward, so yeah. Here I am!

As my family and dogs know I love them dearly, I’m going to give this set of ‘thanks’ to some of the people in my outdoor world. I think I often forget to actually say “thank you” to these folks, so here goes.


For those who haven’t put it all together yet (or read the About page), Rob is my husband (of almost 6 months). While I’m obviously grateful to have him around I’m even more thankful that he is indeed my outdoor partner for everything from kayaking to rock climbing. We even promised to be each others outdoor partners in our wedding vows. He’s awesomely supportive in my bizarre endeavors and often pushes me way past what I thought I was capable of (most recently: rappelling). So thanks, better half. Glad you’re sticking around. 😉


I’m sure once Mikey reads this he’ll be surprised, but yes – I am super grateful to have him around. Even if he is overly enthusiastic, persistent, and constantly in pursuit of perfection, he’s an always willing climbing, snowboarding, hiking, and drinking partner. While I don’t say nice things to him frequently because I’m afraid it will go to his head, I’ll say I’m thankful this once. Thanks for always getting Rob and I out to do more, even if it seems totally illogical and somewhat insane. You’re the best good-bad influence we could have asked for.


So back sometime ago I joined into this whole lovely world of Twitter, and then I discovered that’s where all the cool outdoorsy people were hanging out. One way or another, I met David of Low Gravity Ascents. Somehow the two of us have become good friends with a whole lot in common, so it’s easy to vent, scheme, and bounce ideas off one another. I’m looking forward to hanging out with David when we visit his home state of Colorado in January. Glad to have a likeminded outdoor blogger, snowboarder, and climber to call a friend!

So now it’s your turn. Who would you like to thank? Give them a shout out and use the hashtag #ThankItForward.

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About Jillian Bejtlich

Hey! I'm Jillian Bejtlich. I’m a lifelong New Englander with a serious love of the outdoors, adventure, and a pretty serious inability to sit still. I’m plagued by the travel bug, and it seems I’ll try any relatively sane and safe thing once. My big goal in life: Get people outside!