Review: Five Ten Guide Tennie

Want to hear something ironic? Unlike the stereotypical woman, I never had a ton of shoes just sitting around – until I really got into the outdoors. Now I have at least a few pairs of hiking shoes, a variety of trail and approach shoes, a growing collection of water shoes, a few too many pairs of snowboard boots, and an unreasonable amount of climbing shoes. I finally have a shoe problem…

Regardless, I’m alway on the lookout for great all around shoes that might convince me to cut back my collection. And I finally found one that should help me get rid of a few: the Five Ten Guide Tennie.

Five Ten Guide TennieOf all the shoes out there, the Guide Tennie is classified as an approach shoe. This means that it’s designed for a wide variety of use and does especially well on trails, scrambles, and mixed terrain. Sure enough – it does all that really well. For those who know me well, I’m insanely clumsy and I’m proud to say I have not done any face plants or rock slides in my Guide Tennies!

The really unique feature of the Guide Tennies is the design aimed specifically at climbers. Five Ten made the (incredibly awesome) decision to include a climber friendly toe and fit. This means a serious rubber toe and laces to adjust to any adventure. Basically, you can climb in these shoes and I’ve tried (with success). The Five Ten rep for my region said he’s heard of someone doing a 5.12 in these!

Now, I’m personally not overly concerned with what my shoes are made from but Five Ten did choose some great materials and even offers a vegan friendly design as well with their canvas option. And ladies, don’t be discouraged by the fact that Five Ten officially only offers one design option targeted to women. The shoes seem to fit all the same, so go ahead and order a men’s version. I did and they’re great!

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About Jillian Bejtlich

Hey! I'm Jillian Bejtlich. I’m a lifelong New Englander with a serious love of the outdoors, adventure, and a pretty serious inability to sit still. I’m plagued by the travel bug, and it seems I’ll try any relatively sane and safe thing once. My big goal in life: Get people outside!