Getting Cold: Help Us Choose

For a brief moment, I’m going to drag you all out of summer mode. I know. You were just starting to enjoy it since it has finally stopped pouring everyday and the insane heat waves seemed to have given up. But… I want to talk about snow. Yep, that fantastic cold white stuff that would have been amazing to play in when it was 98F.

See, as of today my husband and I have been married for two months (w00t!) and we agreed on taking a snowboarding honeymoon this winter (somewhere between January and March). Snow, vacations, adventures, and romance have always seemed like a natural fit for us. For example, we got engaged at the summit of Heavenly Mountain… and then did some basin and tree runs. What else do newly engaged snowboarders do to celebrate? =D

But, we are faced with a conundrum: We can’t figure out where. We’ve literally discussed just about every state that has a ski area. We’ve narrowed it down and we need your input. We want to know where should we go? What should we do while there? Have you been?

Here’s our top picks:

Jackson_Hole_LogoJackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole has always been that dream destination for us, so there’s this internal debate between do we go now or do we wait? If do we head to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, we’re planning on hitting up every basin we can get our boards in and checking out every glade they have. I estimate that will keep us busy for about… forever. Heck yeah!

While there, we’d also love to visit Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. I’m sad to admit that I’ve actually never been to a National Park as New England is mostly made up of beautiful National Forests and state parks!

big sky logoBig Sky, Montana

So you’re constantly hearing about snowboarding in the usual states out this way (Colorado, Utah) – but I rarely hear mention of Big Sky Resort and Moonlight Basin in Montana which makes me either think it’s just alright or it’s just so epic no one wants to share. Either way, I’m quite sure we’ll be impressed with a combined 230 trails on 5,532 acres.

503006_logoPacific Northwest

A few summers ago I took Rob to Oregon and Washington during the summer. He was pleasantly surprised to find out that he could in fact throw me into a snowbank at Mt. Hood… in August. Going back out to Oregon and Washington for the winter adventure seems like a natural fit, but we had to admit we’re sorely divided on which direction to go. Oregon will take us to amazing places such as Mt. Hood Meadows and Mt. Bachelor. Washington promises epicness in the form of Mt. Baker, Stevens Pass, and Crystal Mountain. North or South? Help.

Araphoe Basin ColoradoColorado

Neither of us have been to Colorado for winter adventures, but we’ve heard enough about it to feel like we have. If we head out to Colorado, we’re very much thinking of trying to head to some of the less touristy ski areas that boast long histories of adventure. Along those lines, Arapahoe Basin, Loveland, Crested Butte, and Copper Mountain.

While there, I’m feeling awfully compelled to do something climbing related. Ice climbing anyone?


From what I’m hearing this is a powdery mecca for snowboarders and skiers, so on the list it goes. So far we’ve heard that Powder Mountain, Solitude, and Snowbasin are all worth the visit. If the names of these ski areas are a hint of what we’re in for, sounds like a good trip to me.

And now the travel blogger side of me…

I love sharing about the places I travel to. Sometimes it’s through reviews, other times it’s videos meant to make it feel like you’re right there getting pummeled on by whitewater, or whipped around by wind and snow. Either way, I’m excited to broaden my geographical scope.

However, here’s the begger blogger side: I’m looking for opportunities and sponsorships while on this trip. Instead of just heading to a ski resort and staying there for a week,  we’d really like to partake in many things. We (my husband  is usually the one helping me with videos and pictures) are open to just about anything. We’ll review gear, try new restaurants, interview just about anyone, and partake in almost every outdoor adventure we can. In return for an epic experiences, I can provide media (photography and video), promotion (social media, articles, testimonials, etc.), or whatever else deemed helpful. We’re really open minded, positive, and approachable – promise!

So with that being said, if anyone has any cool contacts (PR, communications, ski patrol, guides, etc.) – I’d love to talk no matter where we end up. While I can’t promise we’ll bring good weather, I can promise down to earth reviews, fantastic media, and a serious sense of humor. Shoot me an e-mail at JBejtlich (at)

You may now resume your warm weather activities. 😉

4 thoughts on “Getting Cold: Help Us Choose

  1. Washington, no doubt. Don’t even bother with Oregon, it’s second best.

    Colorado is fantastic, especially for snow sports, but Washington has better alpine conditions and you don’t have to go to 12,000+ feet to enjoy them. Baker has a fantastic ski area, but the whole state is awash in excellent backcountry skiing. In fact, the folks out in the Methow Valley will take you heli-skiing for a lot less than I would have thought it costs. I’ve seen people telemarking on glaciers on Mount Baker, with their dogs (who were a lot more interested in my lunch than in their trek).

    We have the same kind of powder as Colorado, you just have to be a bit more selective about which parts of the state you visit. West of the Cascade Crest you’ll find dense, wet, heavy snow, but east of the crest it’s light-weight powder.

    1. Thanks for all the information! We have a few friends in Washington and we’ve always been intrigued by the incredible amounts of seemingly untracked powder. It seemed like a super logical place to put on the list.

      Any recommendations on heli-skiing companies? And what’s your opinion on the whole issue of Farmer’s Almanac saying you’re in for a below average winter?

      1. I’ve never done the heli-skiing thing, I’m getting ready for winter partly by researching dog mushing companies. Went snowshoeing last winter and ran into a team, it looked like they were having a blast. Trying to find a small mom-and-pop kind of place that treats the dogs like family.

        The most popular spot for heli-skiing is a small town called Winthrop. It’s just beyond the North Cascades National Park, and I think they can get you into the park. The last time I checked it was about $300, I’m not sure if that’s a single flight or a day?

        Every time I go to the Teanaway early/late in the season, the only other people are backcountry skiers who came for the powder, and maybe to hang out with the mountain goats. The Teanaway has a sno-park, which means they plow it for winter sports.

        Oh! You should consider Hurricane Ridge, in Olympic National Park, too. I’m more of a Cascade Range guy, but people love this place, and you have the salt water on the way back down.

        Not sure what the winter holds. It’s been a really weird year for us. Spring and summer came early, it’s been wet but warm lately, freezing level has been around 13,000 feet so you need to go to Adams or Rainier for falling snow. Of course, if we don’t get any new snow this year, we’ve still got 300 glaciers… 🙂

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