Review: Outback Kayak – ATV Adventure

Hey all! Starting with this awesome review, you’re going to start seeing occasional write-ups by other members of the adventure crew. First up, Ms. Lori Taylor!

The beautiful view!

The Tenders & Trails adventure crew recently got a chance to experience the mix of roaring engines, a whole lot of cold, wet mud, and the beauty of NH’s foliage – all in the same trip. How so? A trip back to Outback Kayak in Lincoln, NH for an ATV tour!

After a very early meet-up (and Dunkin Donuts run – a must for some crew members, including myself), we made our way back to where we first experienced river kayaking just a few months back.  After checking in at the office, we were directed just a few minutes south to where we were met by our awesome guide, Davis, and dozens of ATVs in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. As always with the group, emotions ran the gamut from daredevil to excited, so after getting all safely suited up we set out on our tour.

After getting used to the basics of operating the vehicles, we slowly became more and more comfortable with the gas throttle and brake system and began zooming along the trails, through the woods and puddles, and comfortably around corners.  Well, up until the ultimate tree take-down.  Although there are some varying thoughts on how it actually happened, a huge kudos to the Adventure Master herself (Jillian) as she plowed straight over a tree (or two!) while taking a turn.  After hysterically laughing, profuse apologies from Jillian, and retrieving the vehicle out of the woods, we were back on our way.

Just after the tree take down…

We drove up dunes, down ditches, and through small ponds and were constantly surrounded by the beautiful White Mountains. We zipped through the back woods, stopped to enjoy a warm fire by the river, plowed through some intense mud, and rounded out our travels with a few group shots in our agreed upon favorite spot. Returning to the base camp, we parked our vehicles in the same manner we found them, hopped off to high-five and thank Davis for a tremendously awesome tour! Only one tree take down – not bad!

Prior to our tour, no one from our adventure crew had ever been ATVing before, but I think we can all agree it was a great morning and a fabulous experience.  From beginner levels to the rider who has hours of riding under their belts, Outback Kayak does ATV tours right.  Customizing the tour to fit the needs and abilities of the group, we got muddy, we laughed, and we felt the wind in our faces, and can’t wait to return.

For a first-hand look at our ATV adventure, check out our video below:

Once again, we thank the wonderful Outback Kayak for an amazing tour of the woods and hidden landscapes on their ATVs.  For anyone who is looking for adventure in lieu of water or snow, we know just the place for you to go!

2 thoughts on “Review: Outback Kayak – ATV Adventure

    1. Thanks Zach! I’m excited to get you out with us! This is a great way for you to see what kind of things we’ve been doing and to figure out what you’d like to try out too! xo.

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