Pats Peak Review

According to my list, I better get moving on reviews. As of yesterday, I’m behind by nine (well, eight after this). Ouch. So, still to come very soon: Cannon, Bretton Woods, Wachusett, Cranmore, Loon, Okemo, Sugarbush, and Jay Peak.

This review in particular is about my visit to Pats Peak in Henniker, New Hampshire. My brother and I went just about two weeks ago to spend an afternoon on the snow, and get his shred legs back (he had taken a few year break). It’s easy to see why so many people have called Pats Peak the place they learned to ski or snowboard.

Location: Pats Peak is just about an hour from Manchester, New Hampshire. It’s an easy drive up 93 North, then on to 89 North. From there, you’ll be jumping on to some of Henniker’s backroads to finish up the trip. Gas stations, restaurants, and places to stop are frequent, so no issues there. And reception is great throughout!

My little (but much taller) brother, Morgan. He's bad at smiling for pictures!

Parking: Parking is fairly simple at Pats Peak. There’s a huge upper lot and a few lower lots. Find a parking spot, and head to the lodge.

Ticket Counter/Guest Services: Pats Peak has pretty great customer service from what I’ve experienced, so no complaints there. Lift attendants are friendly and attentive, ski patrol is helpful, and the ticket counter has always been helpful.

Price: Ticket prices at Pats Peak can feel a little high when you look at the size of the mountain (22 trails), but there’s plenty of ways to get creative and save money. Be sure to check out the Ride & Ski Card discount. If you think you’ll be visiting a lot over the season, definitely look at their season pass prices. They are cheapest before May/June, but hard to beat the value. You’ll break even in about 5-6 visits I think!

Lodge: Pats Peak has a pretty nice lodge area. It’s open, comfortable, looks up the mountain, and has a ton of tables and cubbie space. Easy to find too from the parking lot and trails!

Lifts: I hope someday Pats Peak considers upgrading some of their lifts to high speed. Right now they’re all normal lifts, but it really isn’t so bad. My brother and I rode all of the lifts open the day we went, and I don’t think any ride was longer than 6 or 7 minutes!

Terrain Park

Also, Pats Peak did a pretty great job of positioning the lifts to go to specific locations so they don’t get crowded with park goers, beginners, etc. Be sure to check out a map briefly before getting on a lift!

Trails: If you’re looking for insane vertical drop, terrifying glades, and windy trails – Pats Peak isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for somewhere to teach a friend of family member to ski or ride, looking to practice basics, or just need to burn off some energy after work (they have night hours), Pats Peak is pretty awesome.

I don’t usually have company on these snowboarding trips, so I usually get to do the chicken tender reviews alone without anyone asking questions. My brother did one better. He made fun of me the entire time. Apparently I make faces and actually look like I’m thinking hard about reviewing? Eek.

Anyways, I grabbed some tenders from the Tradeswinds in the lodge. For $6.25, over thinking chicken connoisseurs nabbed 5 medium tenders. Fries were some amount extra that I didn’t feel like spending, so I skipped that part.

Sad to say, the chicken just didn’t really kick chicken butt in any category. It was grisly and had a weird taste throughout. And to make it worse, the coating wasn’t crunchy at all. I was suddenly very glad my mother had packed my brother the entire kitchen for lunch (thank you, Mom).

Final Score: 2 out of 5 Tenders

2 thoughts on “Pats Peak Review

  1. Did you ride Hurricane or Hurricane glades or FIS glades (adjacent to the Vortex and FIS trails)? Chicken tenders may be mediocre, but their giant homemade M&M chocolate chip cookie for $2.50 ain’t too shabby. High speed lifts are not all good. They dump more skiers per hour onto the trail. This translates to more crowded trails. The extra two minutes on the lift is your payment for on trail crowd control. Finally, its only 35 minutes from Manchester, unless you take the circuitous route.

    1. Hi Greg,

      I did ride Hurricane while I was there, but didn’t do too much for glades. There just hasn’t been enough snow this year in the southern portion of the state to really give me that safe feeling while weaving through trees!

      And yes, the cookies are fantastic. I ate half of one there and got another one to take home and share. If I was reviewing ski area desserts, they clearly would have gotten a 5.0 right there!

      There is certainly a trade off with high speed lifts versus normal lifts, and I really do agree with you. One of my favorite mountains is considering installing a high speed summit lift on one of its two peaks (currently you can only access it via a 12 minute ride), and I’m dreading it. I know it will change everything about that summit that I know and love!

      Thanks for your comment!


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