Pico Mountain Review

Back two weeks ago, I kicked off my 12-day adventure within an adventure. On the plate was packing up the car, heading to Pico, then heading to Killington for the Dew Tour (with special passes thanks to Toyota Action), more Dew Tour, darting down to Boston to catch a flight, getting VERY delayed in Atlanta, insanely lost in San Francisco, debating the need for chains on our way to Lake Tahoe, and finally making it to Lake Tahoe for a seven day stay. And then there was the return, which proved to just as adventurous – but that all seems fitting for another post. Guess I should just start with the Pico review, huh?

Therefore… review time!

Location: Pico is a solid 2 hour and 20 minute drive from southern NH. It’s a pretty easy drive up 89 North and then onto Route 4, but beware – bathrooms and gas stations can be rather scattered. Once you make the cross into Vermont, things seem to stop being well marked and advertised (that’s the downside to a state that doesn’t allow billboards). I’d recommend stopping in Lebanon, NH if needed. Lots there! As for hotels and such, the less expensive rooms can be found in Rutland, VT (15 minute drive past Pico). Oh, and cell reception seemed pretty good everywhere, but 89 can be a bit iffy at times!

Parking: Parking at Pico is of the simple variety. Big lot. Find a spot. Ta-da!

Ticket Counter/Guest Services: All of the staff seemed incredibly friendly and sociable, so thank you!

Price: Pico is competitively priced with other mountains of the same size, but they do have some pretty sweet local resident deals on Friday. If you live in VT or NH, you pay $29 on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays!

Lodge: Pico has a beautiful lodge with 3 levels. If you’re looking to stash a bunch of your bags and eat your own lunch, I’d recommend the bottom level. Minimal bags and going to eat there? Check out the second level. The top level is a pub/restaurant that seems to have live music frequently!

Lifts: Pico has 7 lifts total, and I think we rode 3 of them total. They’re all in great condition with attentive lift operators.

Trails: Pico is kind of one of those ‘It is what you make it’ type of mountains. You can just go straight down on big open trails, or you can come up with some pretty interesting trails routes that wind in and out, and all over the place. I’ve also heard from friends that the glades are pretty awesome, but I can’t speak to the awesomeness first hand.

Rob and I went to Pico on what just might have been the coldest day we’ve experienced so far this season thanks to windchill. So after determining that we were getting to the point of being completely frozen, we decided to break for some chicken tenders.

For $9.75, hungry (and frozen) chicken lovers were treated to three medium sized tenders and an alright sized side of fries. When it came to appearance, the tenders looked pretty tasty, but they seemed to have been cooked too long. There was just this weird burnt taste lingering after taking a bite, and it was too hard to ignore. As for the texture, the chicken was a bit on the dry side (adding to the cooked too long theory), but it was real chicken and covered with a pretty good coating. The fries were fairly typical fries. Evenly cooked, adequately seasoned – but nothing to truly amaze the fry lover.

Final Score: 2.75 out of 5 Tenders

One thought on “Pico Mountain Review

  1. I job share and burnt a lot of tenders, they are good as long as they don’t have me helping out in the kitchen!

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