Gone Snowboarding: Lake Tahoe Bound!

Bluebird day at my home mountain

I’d just like to start off this post by saying that aiport music is as bad as elevator and hold music. Seriously, Logan International Airport. I’ll take silence over this never ending jazz loop that’s knocking me out. And airport food? What’s up with that? No, really. It’s 4 times the price of fast food, but tastes like what would happen if you stuck fast food in a vending machine. Yuck. No chicken tender reviews happening here.

What am I doing at Logan (Boston, MA airport) instead of being on a mountain somewhere? Well, I’m breaking up sabbatical a little bit and heading out west for a week of some Lake Tahoe snowboarding. Tonight we land in San Francisco, and tomorrow morning (weather permitting) we make the drive to Heavenly! Did I mention that they’re getting hammered out there with snow? =D

I have to admit that next week it’s going to be pretty strange being the tourist for once. Around here I’m the local (secretly cursing at the really really stupid tourists), but looks like the tables will be turned next week. I’ll do my best to blend in I guess. Not with the really really stupid tourists of course! 😉

I’m hoping to catch up on reviews and such at some point this week, so still to come sometime soon will be a review on Waterville, Pico Mountain, and the awesomeness of the Killington Dew Tour. And of course expect to see some random Lake Tahoe stuff thrown in there too!

And now back to enjoying Logan’s lovely elevator music….

3 thoughts on “Gone Snowboarding: Lake Tahoe Bound!

  1. Okay, I’m officially jealous! However, after my one night of real snowboarding I’m still in recovery. Enjoy the real snow.

  2. You’re at Terminal E – home of International, Southwest and Airtran. If you want better music (and much better food), Terminal C, home of JetBlue has much better food (including StarBucks) and music.

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