Attitash Review

So, this post is kind of a continuation of the Wildcat post. Therefore, if you haven’t read that one, go back and read it now.

After having an awesome morning at Wildcat on Friday, we got back on the road and made the short drive to Attitash to use our transferrable tickets. Check out part two of my nerdy video introductions…


And now, the review.

Location: All of the Wildcat information generally applies to Attitash as well, but it’s good to note that Attitash is right near the junction of Route 16 and 302. At that junction is a grocery store, gas station, and an awesome little restaurant (just breakfast and lunch) with an attached store that sells tons of gloves, faces masks, etc. If you forgot anything, stop here! It’s called the Glen Junction Restaurant.

Parking: I love logical parking lots that don’t force pedestrians to run across roads. Attitash does a nice job of not making skiers and snowboarders play chicken by providing a tunnel under the road from the parking lots to the base area.

Ticket Counter/Guest Services: Since we had transferrable tickets, we didn’t need to go to the ticket counter so I can’t comment on that. I’m sure they were just as polite as the rest of the staff at Attitash though. I would however like to comment on a host/ambassador (basically staff that’s there to be on the trails and answer questions, check on skiers and boarders, etc.) we ran into at one point. I’m accustom to seeing these folks at some mountains, but I’ve never actually had one accompany us on an especially difficult trail after stopping to check on us (reading a map), letting us know about trail, and what to do. But this host/ambassador did just that, and it was very appreciated!

Price: Tickets around the same price as Wildcat, with similar daily deals. A full day ticket purchased at Attitash is also good at Wildcat!

Lodge: Attitash has two base lodges. If you’re there on a busy day, head to what looks like the smaller of the two lodges as it actually has more seating, more bathrooms, etc. Plus it’s a little cozier.

Lifts: There are quite a few lifts at Attitash since there are two different mountains. We rode a few and they all seemed like they were in great condition. Just be sure to read the map before getting on a lift as they all go to different heights and locations, and some even cross over each other! It can be pretty confusing, but pretty cool.

Trails: Attitash definitely has some cool trails. If you head up to the summit, be sure to explore just about every way down as I’m pretty sure you might be able to get lost. Somehow the concept of throwing in another mountain and base area all together to accidentally end up is a pretty awesome predicament. Also, views are awesome and some of the trails have some pretty crazy drops off the sides. Definitely not your average straight trail down the mountain!


Little did I know on Friday that I was getting sucked into a competition over chicken tenders. Apparently Justin at Wildcat and Thomas (head marketing dude) at Attitash wanted to see who had the better tenders, so it appeared a chicken tender war was on. It was brother versus sister, and someone was going to win!

So, Thomas met up with Rob and I and extended some appreciated hospitality to us at Ptarmigan’s Pub. I ordered a chicken tender appetizer (Rob got fries with a burger, so I figured we didn’t need more fries) for $7.50. Not a bad deal, right?

Well, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that the chicken was pretty good but it seemed oddly familiar… like really familiar. Like so familiar I realized that Wildcat and Attitash have the EXACT same chicken tenders and fries. So, the bad news – there is no clear winner in the Wildcat vs. Attitash Chicken Tender Rivalry of 2012. I declare this chicken tender rivalry a tie!

Therefore, Final Score: 3.25 out of 5 Tenders


On a side note, I’m less than a dozen mountains in and I can no longer eat chicken tenders when I’m not at a mountain and I subconsciously evaluate french fries everywhere I go. It’s going to be an interesting season.

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