11th Day: Bern Helmet

On the 11th day of getting ready, I realized that wearing a Bern Helmet on a daily basis might not be a bad thing. I’m a klutz.

With the exception of my first time ever snowboarding, I’ve been wearing a helmet every time I snowboard. I figure if I’m clumsy enough to occasionally walk into walls (yep, I really do), protecting my gray matter while throwing myself down a mountain would make sense too. So, like all things, the search began. It turns out there are a lot of hideous helmets out there. I mean, really, no wonder kids don’t wear helmets. If it feels like you have a watermelon on your shoulders and look like it too… meh. (But seriously, wear a helmet. Being a vegetable versus looking like a watermelon head is far less cool.)

Then I came across a Bern helmet entirely by accident and it was like magic. Finally, a helmet – shaped like a head! And it wasn’t made out of bricks! Woah! So, I bought it… in August. When the snow finally rolled around in December, I finally got to put my new helmet to use and quickly too. Not only did it look good, but when I managed to do 2 cartwheels on ice pivoting on my head after catching the front of my board in a hole of ice on the first day out, my skull and brain actually stayed together. Concussion free too!

The white one has saved my gray matter countless times so far. Thank you Bern!

My first Bern helmet and I have been through lots of fun now, and so far it’s only let one minor concussion slip by, but I think that was more my fault than its. Falling from 10ft and landing on your head probably isn’t rated for any helmet. 😉 It’s definitely saved me from a few major concussions otherwise and who knows how many minor concussions. C’mon, I told you I was a klutz!

So where does one get themselves a Bern Helmet? Go to your local snowboarding or ski shop, and just say ‘Bern Helmet’. I’m sure they can help. Helmets are one thing you DON’T want to buy online as you should try the fit before buying, so seriously get in your car, stop reading my blog (for now), and go do your brain a major favor.

Up tomorrow: Smith Goggles (last day of getting ready too!)

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About Jillian Bejtlich

Hey! I'm Jillian Bejtlich. I’m a lifelong New Englander with a serious love of the outdoors, adventure, and a pretty serious inability to sit still. I’m plagued by the travel bug, and it seems I’ll try any relatively sane and safe thing once. My big goal in life: Get people outside!