5th Day: SmartWool

On the 5th day of getting ready, I noticed I keep trying to work SmartWool into my real world wardrobe. Not sure if work approves yet or not.

SmartWool is an awesome company with awesome products, and it’s all thanks to some special sheep (and ingenious people). No seriously. Special sheep. They’re called Merino sheep, and since they have to deal with crazy weather that varies from psychotically hot to hopelessly cold (no, they don’t live in New England), their wool is unique. It’s warm, but breathes and it’s really wool, but not that itchy stuff.

I came across SmartWool after going on a mad hunt for snowboarding socks. You’d think it would be a simple task: Buy snowboarding/skiing socks. But every pair I bought was plagued by some demented problem, including one pair that literally disintegrated while washing them. So, after ending up at a ski area and realizing I forgot my socks –I just randomly grabbed some SmartWool socks. Got to love accidental smart moves!

Now, I’m sorry. I can only do so much raving about socks… because they’re socks. So I’ll just leave it at this: SmartWool socks are awesome for so many reasons. Just go get a pair. You won’t be sad.

SmartWool makes a lot of other cool…er warm… clothing too. I’m a fan of their “Ultra Comfy Tights” which sounds absolutely odd coming from a snowboarder, but that’s my base layer under my snowboarding pants. I have expensive Under Armour stuff too, but meh. SmartWool kicks Under Armour’s polyester fibers hard. There just isn’t any comparison.

I’d love to be able to offer some insight into their shirts and other tops, but sadly I don’t own any yet. My collection is slowly growing, so if anyone (yes, you family!) wants to be super awesome this holiday season… 😉

As for where to find SmartWool – it seems it’s at almost every outdoor store now. It’s definitely at EMS, I’ve seen some at L.L. Bean, REI has it, and it’s probably everywhere else too. Check out their dealer locator.

So yeah. Go get yourself some SmartWool, and be warm. Like a Merino sheep.

Yep, you can be THAT warm. Photo courtesy of Icebreaker

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Hey! I'm Jillian Bejtlich. I’m a lifelong New Englander with a serious love of the outdoors, adventure, and a pretty serious inability to sit still. I’m plagued by the travel bug, and it seems I’ll try any relatively sane and safe thing once. My big goal in life: Get people outside!