2nd Day: Osprey Karve Backpack

On the second day of getting ready, I tried to find an excuse to use my Osprey Karve 6 Backpack before the start of my adventure.

I’ve been on the hunt for a good snowboarding backpack for a while now, and up until now I just haven’t had any luck. I was either plagued by packs that were just entirely too big or way too expensive.

Since I’m usually not in isolated backcountry, I don’t need a huge backpack – but I do need something big enough to carry a drink, keys, money, spare gloves, and a camera. I tried a few other bags (a few Burton, a few Dakine), but everything was just massive. All the smaller stuff was obscenely expensive.

I stumbled across the Osprey products accidentally while just Googling over and over what was recommended for small snowboarding back. Somewhere in all that searching, I came across the Osprey Karve 6, and now I’m kind of addicted to Osprey.

Osprey seems pretty cool about understanding that extra weight, fluffiness, and useless straps just don’t go well with an action sport, so they kept it minimal. For example, instead of throwing on two different sets of straps for skiers and snowboarders, you use the same straps after just moving a few things around. Another feature I like about my Osprey is the spot for a hydration pack. Good to know I can use this pack with any sport and season.

As for the fit, it’s just nice. If you live anywhere near an EMS or REI, go check anything by Osprey out. It’s like they get it. Backpacks are meant to be comfortable. You shouldn’t even know you’re wearing it, and it seems Osprey has accomplished that like no other.

For more information on Osprey products, check out their website.

Up tomorrow: Burton Jackets

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