Boston Ski and Snowboard Expo!

After nearly 2 months of counting down the days (yes, I counted down days until an expo because I’m just weird like that), the Boston Ski and Snowboard Expo started at 3pm yesterday, and I was there. And it was awesome, as usual.

So what makes the Ski and Snow Expo so awesome? Well, all those awesome resorts you’ve been dreaming about going to – they’re there. And they’re trying their hardest to lure you in with some amazing deals. Last night Sugarloaf was successful (group trip in December), Bretton Woods is still being contemplated (when to go!?), and Whistler would have had some extra business if we didn’t already have the hotel side of the package booked.

Sugarloaf! Can't wait!

Of course the expo isn’t just all about booking trips. There’s a ton of companies there showing their latest and greatest gear (special shout out to Bean Snowboards – I really need to try one of your boards sometime as the new stuff looks amazing!), there’s clubs looking for new members, and you never know who you’re going to meet. Rob and I just happened to get into a conversation with one exhibitor in particular, and come to find out he was the president of our favorite ski area. Awesome! And of course, there’s Olympians to run into, athletes of all sorts, and so many other cool people.

As for gear, we decided to behave and not even venture into the two “shops” set up, but if you’re looking for gear of any sort this weekend, it’s the place to go. It’s like 20 snowboard/ski shops all in one space. So much gear, so little time!

One of the two huge shops!

Basically – get to the Boston Ski and Snowboard Expo. Now (or anytime Saturday and Sunday). Oh, and a little tip. Follow your favorite ski areas on Twitter and keep checking their tweets while you’re there. A lot of them run simple contests (like first to show up to the booth and say _______) during the expo, so you’ll win sweet prizes like lift tickets and gear.

Sunday River brought a gondola from the Chondola =)

So what else have I been up to in the past month I vanished?

Sadly, not snowboarding. October was rough, but November is looking better. We had a freak snow storm and while that sounds awesome, most of Southern NH lost power for a week. And our chainsaw got a lot of use. Also made it up to Burton Snowboards’ headquarters in Burlington recently too. Very awesome place.

Anyways, 41 days left between me and sabbatical. And on that note, if you want your own sabbatical, check out Whistler’s Sabbatical Project. I need to finish the East before I tackle the West. =D

Think snow!

So it's not my sabbatical, but it could be yours...

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